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1. Olive mill wastewater triggered changes in physiology and nutritional quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) depending on growth substrate. Ouzounidou, G.; Asfi, M.; Sotirakis, N.; Papadopoulou, P.; Gaitis, F. Journal of Hazardous Materials vol. 158 issue 2-3 October 30, 2008. p. 523-530

 We have studied the changes in the physiology and nutritional quality of Lycopersicon… (more)

Keywords: E; transpiration rate; Formula Not Shown; photochemical efficiency of PSII photochemistry in the light adapted state; gs; stomatal conductance; OMW; olive oil mill wastewater; Pn; assimilation rate; qN; non-photochemical quenching coefficient; qP; photochemical quenching coefficient; WUE; water use efficiency; Ascorbic acid; Chlorophyll fluorescence; Metal accumulation; Olive mill wastewater; Photosynthesis

DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2008.01.100. ISSN: 0304-3894.

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2. Genome relationships in theElytrigia group of the genusAgropyron (Poaceae) as indicated by seed protein electrophoresis. Moustakas, M.; Symeonidis, L.; Ouzounidou, G. Plant Systematics and Evolution vol. 161 issue 3-4 September 1988. p. 147 - 153

  Agropyron bessarabicum (2n = 14),A. rechingeri (2n = 28),A. junceiforme (2n… (more)

Keywords: Angiosperms; Poaceae; Agropyron; Thinopyrum; Lophopyrum; Polyploid complex; isoelectric focusing; protein profile

DOI: 10.1007/BF00937295. ISSN: 0378-2697.

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3. Responses of maize (Zea mays L.) plants to copper stress--I. Growth, mineral content and ultrastructure of roots. Ouzounidou, G.; Moustakas, M.; Karataglis, S.; Čiamporová, M. Environmental and Experimental Botany vol. 35 issue 2 April, 1995. p. 167-176

 Changes in the morphology, physiology and ultrastructure of root systems of Zea mays… (more)

Keywords: Cu-toxicity; mineral uptake and translocation; root ultrastructure; root yield; Zea mays cv. Aris.

ISSN: 0098-8472.

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4. Effects of gibberellic acid and prohexadione-calcium on growth, chlorophyll fluorescence and quality of okra plant. Ilias, I.; Ouzounidou, G.; Giannakoula, A.; Papadopoulou, P. Biologia Plantarum vol. 51 issue 3 September 2007. p. 575 - 578

  The experiment was conducted to identify the response of three cultivars of… (more)

Keywords: Abelmoschus esculentus; fruit quality; photosynthetic quantum yield; photosystem 2; growth regulators

DOI: 10.1007/s10535-007-0126-5. ISSN: 0006-3134.

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5. Hormone-induced protection of sunflower photosynthetic apparatus against copper toxicity. Ouzounidou, G.; Ilias, I. Biologia Plantarum vol. 49 issue 2 June 2005. p. 223 - 228

  The effects of excess Cu as affected by the application of exogenous… (more)

Keywords: auxin; carotenoids; chlorophylls; CO2 assimilation; gibberellin; Helianthus annuus L.; photosynthetic quantum yield; photosystem 2; transpiration

DOI: 10.1007/s10535-005-3228-y. ISSN: 0006-3134.

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6. Photoacoustic measurements of photosynthetic activities in intact leaves under copper stress. Ouzounidou, G.; Lannoye, R.; Karataglis, S. Plant Science vol. 89 issue 2 1993. p. 221-226

 Photoacoustic spectroscopy was used to monitor Cu damage to photosynthesis by measuring photochemical… (more)

Keywords: copper stress; photoacoustic method; photochemical energy storage; photosynthetic oxygen evolution; [abr] Aox; oxygen evolution vector amplitude; [abr] Apt; photothermal signal vector amplitude; [abr] PES; photochemical energy storage; [abr] PSII; photosystem II; [abr] RRG; relative root growth

DOI: 10.1016/0168-9452(93)90131-I. ISSN: 0168-9452.

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7. Short-term effects of aluminium at alkaline pH on the structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus. Moustakas, M.; Eleftheriou, E.P.; Ouzounidou, G. Photosynthetica vol. 34 issue 2 January 1998. p. 169 - 177

 A 24 h exposure of the salt-tolerant grass Thinopyrum bessarabicum (Savul. and Rayss)… (more)

Keywords: chlorophyll fluorescence; chloroplast ultrastructure; photosynthesis; photosystem 2; Thinopyrum bessarabicum

DOI: 10.1023/A:1006880205108. ISSN: 0300-3604.

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8. Copper-induced changes on growth, metal content and photosynthetic function of Alyssum montanum L. plants. Ouzounidou, G. Environmental and Experimental Botany vol. 34 issue 2 April, 1994. p. 165-172

 The response of root systems of Alyssum montanum to increasing Cu levels was… (more)

Keywords: Alyssum montanum; chlorophyll content; chlorophyll fluorescence; copper effects; metal uptake; photosynthesis

DOI: 10.1016/0098-8472(94)90035-3. ISSN: 0098-8472.

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