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    Supporting Mars exploration: BIOMEX in Low Earth Orbit and further astrobiological studies on the Moon using Raman and PanCam technology

    de Vera, Jean-Pierre1 ; Boettger, Ute1; Noetzel, Rosa de la Torre2; Sánchez, Francisco J2; Grunow, Dana1; Schmitz, Nicole1; Lange, Caroline3; Hübers, Heinz-Wilhelm1,4; Billi, Daniela5; Baqué, Mickael5; Rettberg, Petra6; Rabbow, Elke6; Reitz, Günther6; Berger, Thomas6; Möller, Ralf6; Bohmeier, Maria6; Horneck, Gerda6; Westall, Frances7; Jänchen, Jochen8; Fritz, Jörg9; Meyer, Cornelia9; Onofri, Silvano10; Selbmann, Laura10; Zucconi, Laura10; Kozyrovska, Natalia11; Leya, Thomas12; Foing, Bernard13; Demets, René13; Cockell, Charles S.14; Bryce, Casey14; Wagner, Dirk15; Serrano, Paloma16; Edwards, Howell G.M.17; Joshi, Jasmin18; Huwe, Björn18; Ehrenfreund, Pascale19; Elsaesser, Andreas19; Ott, Sieglinde20; Meessen, Joachim20; Feyh, Nina21; Szewzyk, Ulrich21; Jaumann, Ralf1; Spohn, Tilman1

    Planetary and Space Science, Volume 74, issue 1 (December, 2012), p. 103-110.
    ISSN: 0032-0633 DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2012.06.010
    Elsevier Science

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