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January 2005

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The dates given above are the predominant starting dates for the electronic coverage of each publisher. Individual journals may vary, earlier or later. New articles are added from each publisher regularly. Distribution of articles depends on the publisher.

@OL (at OhioLINK): This symbol marks publishers for which both Article Descriptions (author, title, abstract) and the full text itself reside on OhioLINK's EJC computer For Ingenta, the full text is at OhioLINK after one year.

Other publishers choose to retain the full text on their own computers. In this case, the EJC Article Description links to the full text at the publisher's site. The current year of Ingenta full text is on the Ingenta site.


Some publishers supply electronic bibliographies along with their electronic articles. When available, links to bibliographies display on the Article Description page. The link "View Citations and Citing References" retrieves the list of papers cited by this article; any cited papers that also exist in the EJC are hyperlinked. In addition, if any other EJC articles with online bibliographies cite this paper, these references will also be found.

The link "Check for Citing References" means that the publisher has not provided an online bibliography. However, it is possible that other EJC articles cite this paper. Click this link to determine whether any other EJC articles with online bibliographies have cited this paper. Note that for many articles, citing references within the EJC do not yet exist.

Missing Issues and Other Problems

If the EJC is missing the issue you need, please contact a librarian and look for the article in print or through interlibrary loan. OhioLINK is in process of automating procedures for receiving and claiming.

Please see the Help Options page for a form to report a missing or corrupt PDF file. Please include the Article Description URL.

Under our licenses, publishers are obligated to provide us ongoing and current articles. Our licenses require publishers to provide us with issues as soon as they are available. When this works correctly, we should never be more than a day or two behind the publisher's web site. Our goal is to provide a website that is as complete and current as the publishers' sites.

In practice, some publishers are unable to maintain steady delivery of their content to us. Precisely where our file is created in the production cycle varies from publisher to publisher. We have an ongoing process of communicating with each publisher about issues that are either missing or late. Gaps and problems are more likely to occur with publishers most recently loaded.